Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Vehicle" Fights

Here's hoping Ulduar doesn't become too "vehicle" heavy.

I came in sort of on the back end of the current raiding curve. The group I run with had kind of done all the legwork. They were mostly geared. While I'm not sure I would consider all the fights on farm, most of them probably were and I was geared up pretty quickly since many items were otherwise going un-used. I think I've pulled my own weight recently. I'm usually in the top half of the DPS list depending on the fight, sometimes even Top-5 or -3. It's fun. I'm not one of those that has to top the meters, but it's nice to see your name up there because it means you're worthwhile to bring along. Healers have to go by other guidelines. Tanks... tank.

I ran my first Malygos last night. I avoided signing up for this for a while. For one, I was nervous as hell. I was *HORRIBLE* at the "Aces High!" quest which is the defacto training ground for Malygos. For another, I felt that others in the raid had earned the Malygos loot table more than me. I also knew that others were really trying for various Malygos-related achievements. A final issue was that the schedule didn't work out very well for me. After spending a LONG time on Tuesday getting through three wings of Naxxramas (because we did two of them 20-man), I signed up for Malygos because it was also going to be a continuation/completion of the Naxx run. Most of my upgrades prior to 3.1 are going to be from Sapph or KT.

I spent forty-five minutes practicing "Aces High!" before the run. That was painful. I finally managed to get a rythym down and was only shot down twice. I managed to chain 4 or 5 kills together at one point before taking a break. Figured I was as ready as I was going to be. Here it comes...

Vehicle fights suck.

There... I said it. I just don't like them. When you're out questing, they're OK. One or two have been fun because you're so overpowered that you can repeatedly screw up and still complete the mission. These boss fights that include "vehicles" are just lame. I realize it's part of the lore and the storytelling that Blizzard wants and they need other ways to make the boss fights different. I just don't like them.

The biggest problem is that you spend all this time learning your class and then suddenly all that is out the window and you're down to a couple of unfamiliar buttons in an unfamiliar environment doing unfamiliar things. For certain classes, it seems even weirder. I guess as a hunter, I'm still kind of doing ranged DPS on the back of a dragon, but it involves combo points (what are those?) and other mechanics (healing?) that just make it feel off. I want to blast Malygos from the sky with my bow (or gun or crossbow) not by burning him to death with my "pet's" breath. Just doesn't seem that epic.

I'm glad to see that the only known vehicle fight (that I've seen) in Ulduar is the first one. Get it out of the way and let's get back to killing bosses the old-fashioned way.

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